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Kid-Friendly Recipes to Try this Summer🌞🍴😋

Sweet Summer is here! It's a great time to introduce new recipes and create memories in the kitchen with your kiddos. Allowing your toddlers to create meals with you can help lay the foundation for healthy eating habits and build self-confidence. We've cooked up some fun and easy recipes for your whole family to enjoy this summer together.

Ants on a Log 🐜🥜

You can never go wrong with a classic! Ants on a Log is such a fun and tasty treat that allows your little ones to "play" in the kitchen while still enjoying a nutritious snack. Families can stick with the classics and pull out the celery, peanut, and raisins. If your kiddo is not a big fan or has an allergy, try these variations:

- Cucumber sticks, cream cheese, and cherry tomatoes

- Apple slices, yogurt, and blueberries

- Carrot slices, hummus, and nuts

The possibilities on this treat are endless!

Homemade Ice Cream🍦

You can never go wrong with ice cream on a hot summer day. We've put together a simple recipe for you and your kiddo to make your very own ice cream at-home! It's simple, fun, and easy - and sure to create memories of a lifetime. Your little one will enjoy being hands-on and seeing how quickly the ice cream forms in the bag!

Feel free to make this your own with a variety of toppings! Just grab some fresh fruit, chocolate / caramel syrup, and load up on the sprinkles to turn a simple treat into a delicious sundae!

Rainbow and Butterfly Pasta Salad🦋

Looking for something a little healthier and filling that your kids will still enjoy? Enjoy this Rainbows and Butterflies Pasta Salad recipe. The bright colors and shapes keep things fun where your child is sure to take a bite! This recipe can be enjoyed in the comfort of your backyard, or can be packed up on the go for a picnic or summer BBQ party.

Solar Smores 🍫☀

S'mores are a summer classic, but it's not always easy to build a fire to enjoy this tasty treat. Take the opportunity to engage your little one in a little science experiment and create s'mores using solar power! You will need:

- Tin Foil

- Chocolate Squares

- Baking Sheet

- Graham Crackers

- Marshmallows

Explain to your toddler how solar waves create heat, and how the tin foil attracts that heat. Encourage each child to put together their s’more and then wrap it in tin foil. Place the wrapped s’mores on a baking sheet and leave outside in the sun until the afternoon. Once ready, gather the s’mores and enjoy for afternoon snack!

Homemade Pizza🍕

There's just something about homemade pizza that gets your taste buds sizzling. Your family can enjoy a night-in and create your own pizza using simple ingredients, such as flatbread or tortillas, sauce, cheese, and toppings of your choice! Much like the ants on a log, the possibilities are endless on this one. You can switch it up with the ideas below, or create your own pizza masterpiece!

- Breakfast Pizza: Waffle base and egg, sausage, bacon, and cheese toppings

- Fruit Pizza: Graham cracker crust, cream cheese spread, and any fruit of your choice for toppings

- Brownie Pizza: Brownie base, pudding or whipped cream spread, and berry and mixed nut toppings

For more information on how to keep your parent game strong 💪 , check out our blog for a series of helpful articles, tips, and ideas.

To helping your child reach the Summit!

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