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How to Celebrate Earth Day with Toddlers 🌎🌱

Every year on April 22, people all across the U.S. celebrate Earth Day. It's a day to show how much we care about the planet and environment around us. Teaching future generations about preserving our planet can help ensure they have a healthy and safe place to live. Here are some tips and activities that your family can do to introduce the importance of this day!


Nature Scavenger Hunt🔎🌻

Make a list of things found in nature around your home, neighborhood or a local park that you and your family can easily spot. Take a walk around your neighborhood or at a local park to see how many items you can find! As an added "Earth Day" bonus, save on paper by creating your list on your phone.

Neighborhood Clean-Up🗑

For those with older kiddos, join a neighborhood clean-up effort! Grab some gloves and garbage bags and head on over to the park! To help get your kiddos engaged, you can set a prize for whoever collects the most trash!

Family Hike and Picnic🌳🍎

What better way to teach your child about nature than to get them out of the house and experiencing it? Pack up an easy lunch, snacks and take a family-friendly hike! Here are some trails nearby that your family can hike or walk together. To minimize your eco-footprint, always "Pack In, Pack Out" and be sure to use reusable containers, utensils, towels, etc.

Earth Salt Dough Sensory Activity🌍

This is a fun activity that even young toddlers can enjoy! Start by creating a batch of salt dough (1.5 cups of all-purpose flour, 1.5 cups of salt and 3/4 cup of water). Mix in blue and green food coloring to represent land and water! Let your kiddo blend the colors and engage in this sensory activity.

Note: Once they are all done, you can even create an ornament! Flatten the dough out onto a cookie sheet and put their handprint in the middle of the dough. Poke a hole out at the top, bake for 3 hours at 200 F, and allow it to cool overnight. Voila! You have your own salt dough ornament to remember the day by.

Start a Garden🪴🧑🏼‍🌾

Kids love getting down and dirty outside. Set a day to help start a garden and work as a family to care and nurture it! If you're tight on space, not to worry! You can always opt for a potted garden or something small on your front patio/porch! You can look into growing your own (easy) vegetables, or just a simple flower and plant garden. The possibilities are endless!

Indulge in Dirt Cup Treats🪱

Finish off the day by indulging in some tasty Dirt Cup Treats using the simple recipe below!

For more information on how to keep your parent game strong 💪 , check out our blog for a series of helpful articles, tips, and ideas.

To helping your child reach the Summit!

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