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Halloween Safety Tips

Though Halloween is all about tricks and treats, to help make sure that you keep your family safe, we've created a guide with some tips so that your family has a spook-tacular and safe night together!

First up, costumes! Your child can still look their best even when following these few guidelines:

  • Be sure your child's costume is flame retardant. We wouldn't want them to accidentally catch a flame from a jack-o-lantern!🔥🚫

  • Costumes should sit at ankle length or higher to avoid any accidental falls.

  • Make sure your child is visible! You can add reflective tape to their costumes, or have some glow stick bracelets for your older kiddos to increase visibility. 🔆

  • Avoid small buttons or any other chokable items.

  • Try a kid-friendly face paint, instead of a mask. Masks can often obstruct a child's vision.

Time to Trick-or-Treat! 🍫🍬

  • Be sure to supervise your child at all times.

  • Avoid dark and unfamiliar streets. Always bring a flashlight just in case a street light goes out.🔦

  • Follow all traffic laws. This includes staying on the sidewalk and only crossing the street at designated crosswalks (or corners if there is not an evident crosswalk).🚦⚠️

  • Do not walk across lawns, stick to sidewalks and driveways that are well lit.

We want to keep our families and friends all safe. You can never be too cautious so here's a couple other reminders:

  • If you need to drive, be sure to back out of driveways and alleys *slowly* and always be alert for little trick-or-treaters on the road, medians, and curbs. 🚙🚨

  • Avoid giving out any treats that children can choke on, such as peanuts, hard candies, gum, or small toys. And don't forget to check your child's bag for any of these items as well!

  • Inspect child's candy for any allergens and/or open packaging.

  • Keep your furry friends inside and away from trick-or-treaters. 🐶

Families always need to put safety first. By following basic safety tips, Halloween can and should be an enjoyable experience for children and parents. We hope you all have a Happy Howl-o-ween!👻🎃

For more information on how to keep your parent game strong 💪 , check out our blog for a series of helpful articles, tips, and ideas.

To helping your child reach the Summit!

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