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Easter Egg Decorating with Children

Spring is finally here! Time for a family favorite springtime tradition, dying eggs!

Here are four (4) tips for making dying eggs easy & enjoyable with your kiddos at home.

The Traditional Method

 1 teaspoon Vinegar

 1 cup warm water

 20 drops of food coloring

Prepare as may color choices as you desire. Each in a separate cup.

TIP: Place cups in a muffin tin to catch any spills. You can also use a whisk to hold the egg and prevent dropping (breaking) the egg.

The Rice Method

 ½ cup dry rice

 20 drops of food coloring

 Ziplock bag

Add rice, food coloring and egg to baggie and SHAKE!!

The Shaving Cream Method

 Cooking tray

 Shaving cream/whip cream

 Food coloring of your choice

 Toothpick

Add layer of cream to cooking tray and add drops of food coloring,

use more than one color! Then swirl the colors with the toothpick.

Continue to roll the egg around the cream until fully colored.

The Tattoo Method

 Temporary tattoos Wash cloth

 Warm water

Cover the egg with temporary tattoos.

Great for children who do not love getting messy!

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